Internet Provider: Brian McFadden, Noelle Tieszen, Ben Dold, Midco

Brian McFadden, Noelle Tieszen, Ben Dold

Midco provides superior high-speed internet and exceptional customer experience while being a force for good in the communities they serve and the Midco team in Sioux Falls is certainly no exception.

Midco first set foot in South Dakota in 1953, when they built the state’s first television station. Sioux Falls is a big part of Midco’s heritage and they’re proud to still be a part of the city’s growth and progress.

Senior Vice President of Operations Ben Dold, Senior Customer Experience Operations Manager Noelle Tieszen and General Manager of Field Operations Brian McFadden agree that caring about customers and the community are ingrained in Midco’s values.

Midco is proud to financially support nonprofits, schools and organizations across the Midwest and they encourage their team members to actively participate in their communities. This strengthens the communities where they live and work.

Between sponsorships and grants, Midco makes more than $6 million in charitable donations each year while serving more than 480,000 homes and businesses throughout the midwest.


905 S Highline Pl
Sioux Falls, SD 57110


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