About Faces of Sioux Falls

I first heard about the “Faces of” concept in 2016 from a publisher out of Omaha, Nebraska. They had created a magazine that helps promote local business by featuring a “Face” of a specific business type (ex: “Face Of Architecture”). This publisher found that the 5 publication was able to connect community members with local Omaha businesses. From there, I talked to other publishers and wanted to see how the publication was received in their markets. Overall, we found that the feedback was really great in those regions, too.

Of course, I love and will champion the idea of promoting community. That’s why, in 2021 we decided to bring this concept to the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo and Bismarck-Mandan communities. And it was a hit.

Now, it’s Sioux Falls’ turn. We hope you enjoy this publication and take the opportunity to get to know some of the people behind this thriving business community.

In Il years, we have been able to create over 400 magazines – all of which are solely based in telling positive community stories! This is another piece to that puzzle and I truly believe you will enjoy reading about your friends and neighbors in the ensuing pages.

This publication is considered a “native advertising piece” in the publishing industry. This means that each “Face of” is a sponsored page and paid for by that advertiser. However, this is not a “Best of” publication – it is simply a way for our community to see some of the “Faces” of respective businesses. In turn we are connecting our readers to businesses they may not even be aware of.

By making this a sponsored magazine we were able to produce the publication at a high quality and make 40,000 copies free to the public. Our sales and editorial teams tried to ensure that we reached out to credible “Faces” of the categories we chose. Our goal is for readers to enjoy learning more about some of the people behind the businesses that make our community thrive. Hopefully, it will create a better sense of community and also encourage more of us to shop local!

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Mike Dragosavich
Founder and CEO Spotlight Media