Bikes: Chris Harner, Bike Shop Manager, Scheels

Chris Harner

Chris Harner has worked at SCHEELS for eight years—and shopped there for much longer! As the Bike Shop Manager, Harner is a part of the crew that leads the company in bike sales for the past two years. “This has been the largest bike boom since the 70s and I could not have asked for a more hardworking and customer-focused crew at our store,” Harner said.

SCHEELS offers a wide selection of bikes for all riders and abilities from leading brands like Super73, TREK, Electra and Strider Sports. As an avid biker himself, Harner knows how to help customers find the best bike for them depending on what kind of terrain and activity they will use it for. Whether you are looking to bike recreationally or for fitness, Harner and his team of bike experts at SCHEELS will help you find your next E-bike, cruiser, hybrid or mountain bike that is just right for you.

When he’s not working, Harner invests in keeping local bike trails clean. “You can find me leaving Tut Hill or Leaders Park with a bag of trash before my rides,” he said. “We are lucky to have an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers at Falls Area Single Track (FAST), with a great mission to protect, create and enhance quality trail experiences for mountain bikers in the Sioux Falls area, so the least I can do is a little clean up here or there.”

Harner believes that what sets SCHEELS apart from other retailers is the people and the dedication for leadership. SCHEELS invests in growing experts in the field and professionals in the store.


2101 W 41st St
Sioux Falls, SD 57105


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