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Outsourced Human Resources
Top Row L-R: Melissa Moerike Gail Anderson Michelle Stubkjaer Holly Hansen Michelle Blewett Jessica Ashton. Bottom Row L-R: Dan Oakland Sarah Meusburger Julie Nelson Kayla Johnson Karen DeLange . Not Pictured: Tammy Loos Dana Wohlwend

Founder Dan Oakland, Director of Operations Karen DeLange and the entire Alternative HR team are passionate about their human resources profession and their mission: to solve the human-resource-related issues that small and medium-sized employers face. 95% of employers are too small to justify having a full-time HR professional on staff. The Alternative HR team serves this market by providing outsourced HR solutions that are scalable, affordable and accessible.

For thirty years, Alternative HR has served employers not only in the Sioux Falls area but wherever in the United States their clients have had businesses and employees. All of the team members are highly experienced in the profession, bringing over 250 years of combined experience, and most have advanced degrees and/or certifications. While the team consists of many specialized roles, they can all be classified as people experts.

“We help employers with the ‘people side’ of their business. Finding people. Keeping people. Leading people. We know that when people excel—when they are encouraged and engaged and growing – the organization can excel. Likewise, when people are stifled and frustrated, the organization is limited in what it can accomplish. Our role is to help create the environment where both individuals and organizations can flourish,” DeLange said.

Alternative HR

300 S. Phillips Ave, L101
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


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