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Avera Orthopedics expands to better serve a growing community. Aging baby boomers, the popularity of athletics and active lifestyles have inspired growth in the orthopedic field. These evolving consumer demands contributed to Avera Orthopedics expanding their services in Sioux Falls to include more specialized care.

These local, specialized experts include surgeons who focus on subspecialties like foot and ankle, hand, elbow and wrist, spine and spinal injuries, joint replacement and pain management. With a focus on nonoperative treatment options, the sports medicine experts help athletes achieve top performance. Avera’s orthopedic trauma experts also specialize in treating severe fracture injuries.

Avera Orthopedics encourages providers to bring their best ideas forward such as wearable biologic devices that can guide athletes toward achieving goals or recovering faster, robotic surgical approaches that use minimally invasive techniques and nonoperative approaches such as platelet-rich plasma and stem cell injections therapies.

Avera Specialty Hospital

6100 S. Louise Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57108


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