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Victim Services

Counseling and Advocacy Team | The Compass Center

Serving the area since 1976, The Compass Center believes the Sioux Falls community has the power to stop violence, and it works to both educate the community and empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

The Compass Center provides crisis intervention, therapy, and advocacy services to children, adolescents, and adult survivors. They are dedicated to removing as many barriers as possible between a victim of violence and the resources they need to find healing. Because the number one barrier tends to be the cost associated with services, The Compass Center is committed to offering free survivor services regardless of income or insurance status.

In addition to typical one-on-one therapy, The Compass Center also offers specialized services at no additional cost. These include Play Therapy for children ages 3-12, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. They also offer a 24/7 Rape Crisis Hotline for immediate access to crisis intervention services.

Their newest program is the Little Navigators Program, which provides social skills and therapeutic support for preschool students in their existing classrooms. The tiered program meets students where they are, providing layers of increasingly intensive services based upon the child’s needs and progress. “Little Navigators is the newest face of our prevention efforts, where we hope to prevent victimization before it happens by intervening earlier with young children, especially those with risk factors,” Executive Director Michelle Trent said.

In addition to individualized client services, The Compass Center also provides educational training to local groups. Trainings available include Safe Bars for local service industry workers, It’s Our Business for preventing harassment and violence in small to medium-sized businesses, Prison Rape Elimination Act training for correctional facility officers and staff, Bystander Intervention training, and Dating Violence/ Healthy Relationships sessions for school-aged groups and college students.

The Compass Center
1704 S Cleveland Ave Ste 3
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

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