Meet the FACES Of Outsourced Human Resource Professionals: Alternative HR, LLC

alternative hr llc

Outsourced Human Resource Professionals

Alternative HR, LLC

Based in Sioux Falls, Alternative HR, LLC has a 30-year track record of providing premiere HR solutions to small employers who otherwise have no HR professionals on staff. Dan Oakland, Founder and CEO, says that although the needs of their clients vary, they offer personalized solutions both on an as-needed and part-time (fractional) basis.

“We have calls from clients who have a singular, pressing issue they need addressed. We also have calls from clients who need regular and on-going assistance because they are growing or changing, or because they just don’t have the resources in-house to do what we can do,” Oakland said.

Alternative HR serves clients primarily in the tri-state area, but a number of those clients have employees spread throughout the United States. “Our job is to help business owners and executives with the ‘people’ side of their business,” Karen DeLange, Director of Operations, said. “By getting that component right, our clients become more productive, more profitable, and even more passionate about their business.”

Alternative HR, LLC
300 S Phillips Ave L101
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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