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Cesar A. Juarez

Cesar A. Juarez’s work in the legal field is more than just a practice, that much is clear to see.

Juarez immigrated from Mexico to Nebraska at the age of 14, after both of his parents passed away. He was then adopted by one of his older brothers. It was during that adoption process that Juarez first thought about becoming a lawyer.

Although his brother’s English was good, having learned the language as an adult, he had a thick accent.

“During the adoption process, I remember the lawyer being rude to my brother because of his accent,” Juarez said. “And I remember thinking, ‘how is it ever okay for somebody to pay you their hard-earned money and you’re still rude to them because of their accent.’ I didn’t want anyone who couldn’t speak English or anyone with thick accents to have the same experience that my brother had.”

The rest is history.

Today, Juarez specializes in business/corporate work, commercial litigation, personal injury and worker’s compensation. Juarez is married to his wife Elizabeth and they have a five-month-old son, Liam.

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