Eye Surgery: Daniel Terveen, MD, Vance Thomson Vision

Daniel Terveen, MD is an expert in caring for the most challenging cornea, glaucoma and cataract patients. He is an active advocate for improvements in patient care and has won numerous, prestigious awards for his excellence in leadership and research. In addition, he takes pride in making meaningful connections with his patients.

“There is no shortcut for meaningful connections. Everybody has a need to be listened to. So when time is short, active listening helps patients and team members know they matter, and that gets to the heart of the issues faster,” Dr. Terveen said. “I also find commonalities as quickly as possible. A common friend, experience or interest allows people to feel a connection, and in the Midwest, it doesn’t take long to find a relative in common.”

Vance Thompson Vision

3101 W 57th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57108


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